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CMS manufactures steel, aluminum and galvanized deck, stairs and ADA ramps.  We treat this very much like our modular buildings fabricating these with engineered sections so on site installation is quick and clean.  We lease and sell this product.

Additional Sizes

8 x 24

Run projects, hold meetings, and increase efficiency in our popular 8 X 24 office trailer.

8 x 20

Providing 160 square feet, the 8 X 20 holds enough space for any size project requirements. CMS has the experience necessary for your immediate office space requirements.

8 x 12

With room for a desk, table, and all the necessities, our 8 X 12 trailer offers enough room for smaller projects to manage your project comfortably and affordably.

8 x 16

Our 8 X 16 provides enough working space ready for any small or large job. Our inventory ensures that regardless of the space requirement, we have you covered.

Shown with optional skirting

72 x 60

36 x 60

Larger than life, our 36 X 60 office solution has enough room for the entire team, and then some.

Shown with optional skirting

48 x 60

24 x 60

The 24 X 60 can accommodate a large staff comfortably with enough room to grow.

Shown with optional skirting

10 x 32

Our 10 X 32 is perfect for when you require a bit more elbow room for your staff. With 2 separate entrances, you can work efficiently with plenty of available space for everyone.

10 x 27

Ideal for medium and larger sized projects, our 10 X 27 trailer provides plenty of room for your entire staff to work comfortably.

10 x 20

Our 10 X 20 trailer is the perfect solution for medium and larger sized projects. Your staff will be comfortable and can focus on getting the job done efficiently and under deadline.

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