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Temporary Mobile Offices

Temporary Mobile Offices

Posted: March 13, 2014

Generally, temporary mobile offices are portable facilities that can be delivered for instant office use with no construction needed. Utilizing portable offices is an effective solution for companies who need to have access to offices at any location quickly and affordably. Temporary mobile office facilities provide a very safe and comfortable working environment for all of your employees, with plenty of room to spare.


Some of the primary uses of portable mobile offices include:

  • Education and training purposes
  • Workshops and storage
  • Additional office space
  • Sports and leisure facilities
  • Film or television production
  • Construction site offices
  • Ticket offices and gatehouses

Temporary mobile offices can be single or double wide utilizing a quality steel exterior which has a smooth sided finish and can include a entrance lobby, durable floor covering, work tops, ramps, and stairs. Toilets and showers are retrofitted and designed to meet industry standards of all educational, business and health requirements. Child friendly lavatories, baby changing and disabled lavatories are some additional features that can be included in your portable office building.

Portable offices are also good for leisure clubs and sports. These offices can provide player changing rooms and modern spectator and staff facilities.  Our temporary mobile offices are constructed with only high quality materials to ensure they withstand the elements at all times. Commercial Mobile Systems is an industry leader in temporary mobile offices solutions. For further information regarding our products and services, call us today at 800-788-0637.