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Sourcing Quality Temporary Facilities for Disaster Incident Support

Sourcing Quality Temporary Facilities for Disaster Incident Support

Posted: September 17, 2014

Disaster assistance can be a chaotic time. A major disaster or event has occurred and resources have to start pouring in quickly. However, once the first 48 hours have passed, and its determined a response will take weeks or months, then the issue of temporary operations becomes a major issue. Most agencies will have logistic officers who are trained to look for, secure, and procure resources to support everything from lodging to food, but office space can become an oddball issue. A good solution to keep business running after disaster strikes are mobile office buildings.

Many responses often rely first on basic trailer systems. These work for temporary situations but they often don’t come with all the facility support and equipment needed to run a full office. An even team often has to bring their own equipment to wire the place or provide something as basic as electricity or plumbing. This is where pre-designed mobile office buildings can really become a serious game-changer. Such facility equipment provides agencies the ability to set up full-fledged temporary offices that have all the capability of a regular office. That in turn allows personnel to focus their energy on helping areas and people recover versus having to waste energy trying to find basic operational resources.

With the help of Commercial Mobile Systems and our assortment of modular office spaces and temporary office facilities, Northern (and Southern) California agencies can deal with disaster responses far better and more effectively, especially when dealing with multiple events or simultaneous incident base logistics. Our mobile offices buildings of all sizes can be delivered and set up quickly, resulting in minimal down time with operations up and running fast.

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