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Portable Office Space Solutions

Portable Office Space Solutions

Posted: November 21, 2013

When office space becomes tight, it can become an expensive problem to solve. If you’re sure its permanent, you can buy or lease more office space, but the cost is often high. And if you’re not sure if you need more permanent space, then your options become even more strained. We here at Commercial Mobile Systems can help you with your office space problems. If you’re looking for Corona portable offices, we provide a variety of solutions for your office space needs.

We have a wealth of experience and a fleet of mobile offices for on-call delivery, so we can respond to your needs as quickly as you can. No matter how much space you need, we have the portable offices available to accommodate you. Our smallest portable offices are 8×12 feet, while our largest is 48×60, with the option of adding additional 12×60 modules. And if you’re looking for a more custom solution, our staff can build you a new unit to your specifications.

Our modules are both for sale and for lease. We sell both new and used units, and each unit we have is insulated and has air conditioning, so you won’t have to sacrifice on comfort for your modular office. If you want to lease, we have no hidden fees; no license reimbursement fees or cleaning fees you might find at other places.

And once you have some of your modules on you site, we don’t stop there. If you need any servicing, we provide modular removal, relocation, roofing replacement, refurbishment, and other services. And if you’re looking for upgrades, we provide AC replacement or upgrades, skirting, door replacement, and stairs and/or ADA ramps.

No matter what your needs, we have the flexibility to accommodate your needs. Let us be your choice for Corona portable offices. Contact us at 800-788-0637, or online by clicking here.