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Modular offices for sale

Modular offices for sale

Posted: April 24, 2014

Today, you will find many modular offices for salethat companies are using daily to meet office space requirements. Modular simply means that an office is built in units, or boxes. By the time the unit is set on the foundation, the office is about 90 percent complete, and that can include office cabinets, bathroom fixtures and carpeting. Styles can be stock production-line designs or a customized version, or entirely custom built, but all are factory built to suit each client’s specific needs.

Once delivered to the site, the units are off-loaded by crane and set, all ready for hookup to utilities. Depending on the amount of customization and the time it takes to hook up to utilities, the new business can move and be ready for use within days.

Modular construction has its advantages. The controlled environment protects materials from the harsh elements, construction time is reduced, quality control exists, and they are more affordable when compared to traditional office space. Modular offices look exactly like standard offices, and unless you were told that the office is modular, you wouldn’t be in a position to tell. Our team at Commercial Mobile Systems can modify your existing modular offices as needed as well, to meet your specific office requirements at any given time. As your business grows, you can add additional rooms or an entire section.

If you are looking to purchase or lease modular offices for sale, contact Commercial Mobile Systems on 800-788-0637 for the best deals and the best service.