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Modular Office Inventory

Modular Office Inventory

Posted: January 31, 2014

Modular Offices provide an immediate solution for construction companies and projects seeking to set up shop within a tight time frame.  Commercial Mobile Systems, has the inventory to facilitate on call delivery within a short time period. Should your Modular Office needs be a bit more specific, our company is able to custom build a specific layout utilizing innovative design concepts to meet your businesses criteria for the ideal office space.

Commercial Mobile Systems has available modular offices of all shapes and sizes, including components such as ramps, stairs, and decks that integrate seamlessly with any modular office system.   We also offer service and repairs of your current modular office unit and any lease building from Commercial Mobile Systems is covered by our warranty.  Our on site services of modular offices include refurbishment, roofing replacement, remodeling, storage, delivery, and relocation.

Our experienced staff can even assist with obtaining permits for planned installation of modular units on land or property that you are leasing including site inspections, building department submittals and permits for permanent or temporary use.

Contact the experienced Staff with Commercial Systems at 800-788-0637 today to learn more, or to purchase or lease your modular office system today.