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Modular Office Buildings

Modular Office Buildings

Posted: February 7, 2014

If your office building has been damaged, you’re aiming to add additional space to your current structure, or you simply want an efficient, cost-effective and quick solution to getting your business up and running, modular office buildings may be the perfect option. If you are planning on a modular office building for a medical office, there are a few things you should consider, as described below:


  • First Impressions Matter – It’s scary enough coming to a doctor’s office, so do what you can to make the reception and waiting area warm and inviting for patients. Higher ceilings, warm paint colors, large windows and are all things to take into consideration to make the atmosphere welcoming to first timers.
  • Basic Technology Space – Make sure you have plenty of electrical outlets for computers, copiers, printers as well as servers.
  • Space for Larger Tech Equipment – Most medical offices at least have a smaller laboratory and X-Ray machine; however, some medical offices will need to have room in their modular office building for MRI and CAT scan machines. Make sure your larger machinery can be accommodated appropriately.
  • Keep Your Employees Happy – If it weren’t for your employees, you couldn’t run a successful business. Therefore, it’s important to keep their comfort and happiness in mind by ensuring they have adequate desk space and a break room.

Commercial Mobile Systems has completed a wide range of medical modular office building projects in the Long Beach area. Contact us at 1-800-788-0637 to discuss what options are available, and how we can ensure that our modular office buildings meet all of your needs and more.