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Modular Office Buildings

Modular Office Buildings

Posted: October 31, 2014

Regardless of the type of building project, whether it is traditional construction or the construction of modular office buildings, there is a certain amount of preparation and planning that must be completed in advance prior to starting the actual construction process. Some important information about this process is highlighted here.

Selecting the location for the building is the most important consideration. It is essential to ensure that manufacturing facilities are close to shipping routes and retail stores on commuter roads. Also consider carefully what or who will be utilizing the building when choosing the location and how easy the location will be to access.

Once a location has been selected, it is time to choose the specific site. Any good site should be accessible and have plenty of room for parking, building and shipping bay, along with any other custom space you may need. While construction of modular offices will require less disruption to the site as other types of building projects, it is still crucial to ensure there is plenty of space to bring in all the necessary elements of the building.

The pre-construction preparation for modular office buildings include:

The Assessment of needs: This will be when the objectives of a certain project, such as the style of building, space and utilities.
Surveying the site: This will ensure that the site that has been selected is right for the project and ensure that all the construction can be crated according to the local ordinances and codes.
The design of the building.

Mobile Offices is highly experienced in modular office buildings construction and installation.  We can survey a site to determine the most appropriate size of modular offices that is needed along with any specific requirements our customers may have.

If you would like to learn more about modular office buildings  contact Commercial Mobile Systems today at (800)788-0637. Our professional services will ensure on-time delivery to suit any construction schedule you may have.