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Modular Office Buidlings

Modular Office Buidlings

Posted: April 10, 2014

New businesses are increasingly utilizing temporary mobile offices to get off the ground and become operational fast. Modular office buildings are affordable, flexible and easy to move as needed when business calls for it and expands.

The advantages are incredible. Modular Office buildings are the solution to rival conventional methods in terms of space and layout configuration. Performance is proven and overall project time scales are dramatically reduced. Build quality, performance and overall value comfortably meet the expectations of modern-day users – providing portable architecture which meets permanent building standards.

Even the external furnishings are added at the factory. Brick cladding, glazed panels and ‘drive thru’ hatches are in situ before the modules are transported to site. This extensive ‘finishing’ program is part of a tandem build process, which enables site preparation to take place in parallel to the manufacture and fitting out of the modules – thus reducing overall project times. Once foundations are complete, it takes only a matter of days for the modules to be positioned, services connected and your staff to be able to start working in the new office.

It is this flexibility in design, concentration on detail and progressive approach for which modular offices are receiving its much-deserved recognition – and attracting many new customers in a variety of business ventures. If you are looking for modular office buildings, call Commercial Mobile Systems at  800-788-0637.