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Looking For Office Space?

Looking For Office Space?

Posted: August 29, 2013

Looking For Office Space? You’ve come to the right place. At Commercial Mobile Systems we have the expertise to manage your immediate office space needs with a wide range of state of the art mobile offices that can be made available at the drop of hat. If you’re in need of a customized unit, we’ve got that covered too. Our innovative designs will help you in meeting all of your office needs. We also provide repair work and service on all of our mobile office spaces.

Whether you’re searching for space for your office, classroom, retail business, or laboratory, we’ve got the mobile unit for you. Our systems range from a simple 8 by 12 space to a comprehensive 48 by 60 unit. Simply let us know what you need, and we’ll get the right size unit to you. If you’re looking to customize your floor plan, we can help you. Let us know how you want your floor plan arranged and we’ll get to work individualizing your space to your specifications.

The professional staff at Commercial Mobile Systems will ensure that your unit is properly maintained and serviced. We can work on your space at your site or transport your office unit to our location. You decided what’s best for your business. Our service work includes refurbishing, reconditioning, remodeling, relocation, storage, roof replacement, modular removal, and delivery. Our upgrade options include skirting, tie downs, door replacement, hitch removal, floor replacement, exterior painting, stairs and ramps, along with cooling and heating replacement. If you have plans pull permits for your office unit, we can assist you in getting the permits needed. We can also help with site plans and inspections, state approved foundations, engineered foundation plans, temporary or permanent permits and building department submissions.

For the best choice in Portable Offices contact the experts at Commercial Mobile Systems today! You can reach us at 800-788-0637 or online by clicking here.