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Fact of Fiction: The Truth about Modular Buildings

Fact of Fiction: The Truth about Modular Buildings

Posted: October 2, 2014

When it comes to commercial modular offices, there is no shortage of misconceptions. Some people beliefs that since modular buildings are constructed inside a factory, rather than on a construction site, that they do not offer the same architectural appeal, versatility or quality of traditional construction.

Some of the most common misconceptions of modular construction are highlighted here and the truth revealed.

Fiction: All modular buildings are considered low quality.

Fact: The truth is that modular buildings are constructed with strict environmental and quality standards. Every connection and cut is closely inspected and tested to ensure accurate results. Factories also protect the unfinished buildings from any weather damage.

Prior to being fit for occupation, the modular buildings have to also meet the International Building Code standards.

Fiction: Modular structures are made of cheap components.

Fact: While a modular building can be more affordable than traditional construction methods, this price cut is mainly the result of time savings and manufacturing efficiencies, rather than the use of poor workmanship and cheaper materials.

Fiction: The modular buildings are not built to withstand the test of time.

Fact: Modular buildings are as strong, and in many cases stronger, than buildings constructed with traditional methods. Permanent or temporary modular buildings have been specifically designed and built to be transported from the factor to the actual construction site. This results in the modular buildings often being overbuilt, offering a stronger structure when they are installed in their final location.

All of these misconceptions have left many people believing that the modular buildings are not as durable as other options. However, the reality is that modular buildings are comparable, if not better, in quality than traditional construction methods while also delivering time and cost savings.

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