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Construction Modular Offices

Construction Modular Offices

Posted: March 7, 2014

Modular offices are the perfect option for construction companies who require temporary on site office space during the progression of a large time consuming project.  Commercial Mobile Systems provides sales, leasing, and service for modular offices. Another benefit to utilizing modular office structures for your projects includes the ability to receive our products quickly and affordably. Modular buildings can be built and customized as per customer specifications based on individual company requirements.

In addition to the structure itself, we also offer ramps, staircases, awnings, and patios which can be retrofitted to work with most modular office systems. Any of our buildings which are leased directly from Commercial Mobile Systems includes at no additional cost, a warranty which covers you from any repairs or services that may be needed.  We can supply office space for companies of all sizes to ensure the comfort of your employees at all times.

For more information on our modular offices in Oceanside,  contact Commercial Mobile Systems and at 800-788-0637.