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Commercial Modular Offices

Commercial Modular Offices

Posted: November 19, 2014

There are a number of benefits offered by commercial modular offices over regular construction. Speed, sustainability and cost effectiveness top the list. However, a benefit that is often overlooked, but important, is the reduction of noise that the traditional construction process would cause, that is virtually non-existent during construction modular offices.

The big question is, “how does modular offices cut the noise during the construction process?” Rather than hearing constant hammering, modular structures are constructed offsite in a factory type of environment. The modular offices will also require much less site preparation than traditional construction sites.

These offices are specifically designed to stand without the support of a foundation, which means the work to establish this is minimal, as is the time and the equipment that is necessary to get a site ready.

Everyone will benefit from the reduction of noise. This is especially true in certain settings such as medical offices and hospitals, schools, office buildings and retail locations. The fact is that people do not want to have to dodge construction sites, or deal with the issues they can cause. This includes workers, patients, shoppers and anyone else who may be on the property.

With modular construction, all of these disturbances are minimized and new buildings are able to be erected in half the time of a traditional construction site.

Next time the sounds of construction are drowning out your work place or office, consider how modular construction could benefit you. For more information about commercial modular offices, contact the professional staff at Commercial Mobile Systems today at (800)788-0637. We offer a number of different modular solutions that will minimize your workplace disturbances.