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Commercial Modular Office

Commercial Modular Office

Posted: November 13, 2014

There is no question that commercial modular offices are growing in popularity, which means that local businesses are finding new and creative ways to implement these structures. There are three primary industries that can utilize the full potential of modular offices, which are highlighted here.

The Healthcare Industry

Outpatient facilities and hospitals are perfect for modular buildings. Each patient room can be sized to accommodate a companies direct needs,  and will be assembled in the most efficient and cost effective manner. When modular offices are utilized in the healthcare field, it will provide a consistency in quality, a time savings of as much as 50 percent, and will reduce the disruption of the current operations in the hospital as modular offices provide seamless transition from one space to the new space.

The Commercial Warehousing Industry

This is the industry of inventory distribution centers. However, the category also includes larger scale data centers. Self-sustaining, individual modules allow managers of a warehouse to expand rapidly, relocate or reconfigure in order to meet the changing needs of the facility.

The Hotel and Hospitality Industry

Similar to the healthcare industry, the repetition in a hotel design will make them suited for offsite prefabrication. There are a number of hotels that have already embraced the benefits offered by modular buildings and even shown a bit of creativity with the process. Many hotels utilize modular offices for administrative offices on site for additional space and flexibility as needed.

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