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Commercial Mobile Systems, Your Commercial Property Solution

Commercial Mobile Systems, Your Commercial Property Solution

Posted: April 17, 2013

Commercial Mobile Solutions is the best mobile and modular outfitter in Southern California. Contact us regarding sales or leasing a commercial property! We have been doing business since 1981. We attribute our 30 successful years in business to the great folks we have worked with over the years. Our staff prides itself on bringing the finest possible solution for your budget.

Our goal is to provide you with a mobile or modular solution that meets your specifications. So CMS offers an array of sizes and services that can accommodate virtually every issue related to your unique site needs. Maybe you just require a place to keep a computer and some files safe from the elements? Or a location to have meetings for many subcontractors and team foreman with two restroom facilities? We’ve got your mobile solution.

If you are planning a new project in Southern California communities around the greater Los Angeles region such as Irvine, Hollywood, Studio City or Anaheim let us give you a quote. We will even supply solutions to locations as far out of Los Angeles as Bakersfield, San Diego and Yucca Valley.

Perhaps you need to have an older unit modified or it requires some upkeep to get a couple more years on the job? Commercial Mobile Solutions can give you an estimate regarding the costs of tender love and care to your modular, on-site or in house at our facility. Sometimes its got to stay at the site. Other times you have a window of time to prepare. We will take care of you in the way that meets your time table and check list.

We can also provide a custom built unit for your modular Commercial Property For Lease Or Sale. Combine many facility types including components for retailing, offices, laboratory work or dispatch. Call us today at 800-788-0637 or by clicking here.