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Commercial Mobile Offices

Commercial Mobile Offices

Posted: August 2, 2014

Commercial mobile offices offer more than just a basic work environment. Mobile offices are the answer to most employers’ needs for the perfect workspace that is convenient, affordable, and fast to construct.

It is of key importance with any mobile office installation, that your office space is set up properly from the start. Ensuring that you are working with the most experience mobile office company will result in a more stable and long term work environment for your business and your employees.

  • The right plane.

Proper leveling should be observed, making sure the ground is evenly flat prior to construction.

  • The right range.

It is important to size a new mobile office correctly, meaning not including the trailer size when measuring space for a mobile office. It is a common retailer error to include the length of the trailer when quoting mobile office specifications resulting in less working space then you may have originally anticipated.

  • The right wiring.

Mobile offices as a permanent solution means proper wiring is installed as internet and phone are two most essential office tools that should be working properly at all times. For proper wiring in such offices, extra space may be required.

  • The right HVAC systems.

Mobile office units vary not only in sizes but also in how they are constructed with proper insulation. Older units are generally not properly insulated as opposed to recent units that are constructed to be effective for proper heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

It is important to know the things to consider whether purchasing or leasing mobile offices so that you can make an educated decision. Feel free to get in touch with us and we will be more than glad to answer questions for you regarding commercial mobile offices.

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