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Buy or Lease Mobile Offices

Buy or Lease Mobile Offices

Posted: March 25, 2013

If you lease or buy mobile offices, you may want to look into a few things. You will want your unit to remain in top-of-the-line shape and look as if it is brand new years later on down the line. Due to this factor, there are a few things that need to be done. If you are looking to restore or repair your modular structure, Commercial Mobile Systems can help.

Commercial Mobile Systems provides several different services that you can benefit from. CMS understands that your modular building or trailer is a valuable asset to you and they provide everything that is needed in order to bring your asset back to life.

CMS makes servicing your trailer or modular building a breeze. For your convenience, they will be able to render services at their facility or get work done from where you are located. No matter which location you prefer, high quality services will be performed. With CMS, there are several services that are offered. There are two different categories of services that are offered. These two categories include on-site and upgrade services. The on-site service will be performed at their facility.

As far as on-site services are concerned, a few services include:

· Relocation

· Recondition

· Remodeling

· Storage

There are several other services that are available, such as delivery and roofing replacement but the services mentioned previously are the services that are requested the most.

CMS also offers upgrades to your modular building or trailer. A few common requested upgrades include:

· Door replacement

· Air conditioner

· Hitch removal

Other upgrades that are frequently requested include skirting and exterior painting. Like the on-site services, there are several more upgrades that CMS offers but the previous upgrades that have been stated are requested the most.

CMS also offers permit service. If you lease or purchase mobile offices, CMS will be able to help you obtain permits for your new property. With CMS, you can take advantage of:

· Engineered foundation layouts

· Site plans and inspection

· State approved foundation

· Permanent temporary building permits

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