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Benefits of Modular Office Buildings for Health Care Facilities

Benefits of Modular Office Buildings for Health Care Facilities

Posted: October 10, 2014

From standalone urgent care facilities, to a hospital expansion, modular office buildings are becoming the choice building method for healthcare providers who are in need of additional or new space. According to a report from Healthcare Design, as many as 49 percent of all the new construction in the industry is now modular. This trend has also been verified by the SmartMarket Report published by McGraw-Hill Construction. In this report, the healthcare industry was named as the best one to take full advantage of the benefits offered by modular construction.

These types of buildings offer repeatability, more flexibility and a substantial amount of less time for occupancy than traditional construction methods. However, these are not the only reasons that make this such a popular option. They also ensure minimal disruption to the operations of a hospital and patients.

When the modular buildings are being constructed in the factory, there is much less foundation work being taken care of onsite. Once the modules or the building are finished, they are delivered to the location and then installed in only a fraction of the time of the traditionally built buildings. This means that the operations of a hospital can continue without being affected and the patients will receive the rest they need, while new buildings are completed in a fraction of the time. This will allow the healthcare workers to offer new, and much better services to their patients, much sooner.

If the construction winds up shutting down the facility for some reason, then temporary, mobile buildings can be delivered, allowing the doctors to continue offering care to their patients.

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