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Affordable Mobile Office Space

Affordable Mobile Office Space

Posted: January 21, 2013

Are you looking to lease a Los Angeles Mobile Office? Look no further than Commercial Mobile Systems for a great deal on a new portable office that carries no hidden costs or extra fees. We are a straightforward company with a wide reach and a surplus of experience; we deliver any size portable building that you need within a short amount of time. We even offer on call delivery, satisfying the needs of those that are in a huge rush to get a reliable office building up and running. We have a wide variety of sizes to choose from, starting as small as 8×12, and moving up to a large 48×60 unit with multiple offices and restrooms included. If you need something larger,  we can add additional multiples of 12×60 as needed. Our flexibility allows us to serve a wide variety of businesses, from small to large; we have a mobile office that will work perfect for you and your budget. Not only do we offer a variety of different sizes, but we also have an array of floor plans to pick from as well, allowing you the ability to create the exact office you need.

When leasing a mobile office it’s always important to seek out the best deals, the less money you pay on rent, the more money you have for you and your staff. That’s why CMS works hard to keep the costs down, we don’t have any fees for cleaning and we also do not have fees for license reimbursement. Instead, we offer a great selection of mobile offices at low rates, billed monthly as opposed to the 28-day cycle others in the industry often prefer.

Sales office, retail shop, or a classroom; there are a number of reasons that a portable office will come in handy. Based upon your specific needs and budget we have the right floor plan and square footage for your business. At Commercial Mobile Systems we specialize in Los Angeles Mobile Office, lending customers peace of mind along with a brand new office space. Contact us at 800-788-2502 or by clicking here.